Hi! My name is Carolyn Rahnama and I am the owner of Busy Box Child in Los Angeles, CA.

I studied and practiced many years of Child Clinical Psychology and my interest has always been how children play. 

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.

Let me tell you, being a mother of 3 children myself and with so many years of experience, I honestly believe that the best way to find out about how your child is doing or feeling, is to play with them!

In the recent years, technology use amongst young children was already at an all-time high pre-COVID, now enter the “new normal” with online schooling, virtual playdates and more, and it may seem like toddlers are stuck to the screen. 

I felt like everyone in my life is complaining about how much screen time their child, but no one really knows what to do about it! 

Busy Box Child, LLC started with all the complaints I heard about screen time and equally from parents who need to work but feel guilty putting their children in front of the screen. 

I used to make these boxes for my own children (in tupperware) when they were younger and coincidentally, called them "Busy Box." I would always have some sort of a box in my bag for when we went to dinner, family gatherings, car trips, etc. so my husband and I could have some quiet time. Parents would always tell me I should create a business with these busy boxes, but I was always super busy with my children and starting a company was not on my mind.

Forward 10 years and here I am. I created Busy Box Child with love and passion and never thought It would be where it is today! My company has had so much love from working parents, influencers, magazines and tv personalities. I get weekly emails from people about how much their children enjoy their boxes, which has been the goal for me from day 1.

I'm very excited with the future of the company, so come and ride along this journey with me!

To be continued.....

Love, Carolyn