Children can’t resist digging, kneading, squeezing, and playing with our wonderful sensory sand! Soft to the touch and virtually mess-free creates a unique sensation that naturally inspires hours of hands-on, tactile exploration! 

A large inflatable sand tray is available in our sensory accessories section.

Please note, that we are currently 2 kinds of Sand. 

1. Soft Sand- Resembles wet sand at the beach. You can mold it and squish it and the grains of sand stick together. It sticks together when force is applied and best of all doesn't dry out.

2. Dough Sand Incredibly smooth to the touch.Easily molds and shapes into endless creations, somewhat like playdough. It doesn't dry out and sticks to itself for a quick clean-up.

*If the kind of sand that you want is sold out, we can substitute it with another color. Please make sure you write the color in the notes.