Why Sensory Kits Make Better Gifts for Children Than Traditional Toys

Why Sensory Kits Make Better Gifts for Children Than Traditional Toys

Before you pick up a new toy for your child at Costco, pause. How is that toy benefitting them, and will it genuinely encourage cognitive, social, or motor development? Sensory toys and sensory kits leave no ambiguity in that question. They ensure your child’s playtime will be enjoyable, interactive, and educational. 


First, What Are Sensory Toys?

Sensory toys are children’s toys that are designed to stimulate one or more of the senses by using a combination of sight, sound, smell, or touch.

Sensory kits work the same way, except you receive a broken-down set of toys and pieces that go together instead of one big toy. 

For example, a firefighter-themed kit may include mini firefighting trucks, playdough, figurines, and other pieces that create a realistic setup. 

On the other hand, a singular sensory toy may be something as simple as a fidget spinner or as complex as a toddler-safe toy guitar. 


Why Children Need Sensory Play 

Research shows that learning by playing is a vital part of any child’s development. Specifically, children need sensory play because it encourages them to use multiple senses at once and create a well-rounded learning experience. 

Compare a traditional toy (like a doll) to a sensory kit. 

While your child can utilize their creative mind by playing with a doll and imagining unique scenarios to act out, a doll severely lacks elements of smell, sound, motor development, and hand-eye coordination. 

The last two elements are especially important to develop at an early age, such as 1 to 12 months old. By age two, they will need to play with toys that teach coordination, balance, walking, and enhanced critical thinking.

Sensory play can benefit children by offering a way to flex all of those skills in a single toy or in a cohesive kit. We touched on the topic of sensory toy benefits more thoroughly in this article

When putting a sensory kit up against a basic non-sensory toy, the former should be your go-to option every time.



Sensory kits and sensory toys alike truly elevate your child’s early development and play a critical role in their overall development. Plus, as a parent, they give you an avenue to engage with your child in a way that is incomparable to traditional toys from Target or Walmart.

Our sensory kits include a range of toys and playdough that is all-natural, homemade and contains no harmful chemicals. Right now, we have over 30+ different sensory kits to choose from, each one curated by a unique theme.

We also offer end-of-the-year gifts to celebrate your child after they complete a grade in school. As a kid, there is nothing better than finishing a year of school, getting out for the summer, and being greeted with a new toy. So, grab a gift for your little one and watch a smile spread across their face. 


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