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How to Turn Everyday Activities into Fun Playtime for Kids

In the age of digital devices, it is easy to forget how important it is to take a break from screens and connect with each other and the world. 

Spending time outdoors and unplugging from devices are a great way to nurture creativity and imagination in kids. 

In fact, transforming everyday activities into fun and engaging playtime can be a great way to encourage family bonding and reconnecting with nature.

Below are some ideas to help you turn everyday tasks into moments of playtime with your little ones.

1. Make Tasks into Games

Many of our routine household tasks can be made into games and activities involving children. For instance, creating a ‘milestone’ chart is a fun way to turn housekeeping into a game and give kids something to look forward to. 

Put a chart on the wall and add activities like brushing teeth and making beds to the list. Give kids stickers or points and let them choose the reward they want at the end of the week when they have earned enough points.

2. Include Kids in Outdoor Activities

Children of all ages need fresh air to explore nature and get their daily dose of physical activity. So, involve them in outdoor activities as much as you can. Plant a garden together every year and let them water, weed and care for it. 

Take an art class together outdoors and create masterpieces using the natural surroundings as inspiration. Go out on a nature trail, bike ride, or picnic. Planning and creativity can make your everyday outdoor activities educational and memorable for your kids.

3. Cooking Can Be Fun Too

Food prep can be intimidating for some kids and a source of frustration for parents. Making cooking fun and engaging can remove some intimidation and pressure. 

Create a family-friendly learning space in the kitchen and invite your children to help you cook. Be sure to involve them in every process, like measuring ingredients, stirring, pouring, etc. 

For older children, let them build a grocery list or suggest recipes. Cooking meals together with the family can be a great way to have fun and bond with each other.

4. Creative Crafts

Crafts and activities like drawing, cutting, and gluing can be fun and educational. Making homemade cards and decorations is an excellent example of a rainy day activity that can spark creativity and imagination in your children. 

Put aside special times for family craft projects and involve everyone in the activity. Set some ground rules first, and let your kids choose what supplies and materials they want to use.

5. Incorporate Technology

Although digital devices should be used in moderation for children of all ages, it is still possible to use technology for playtime. 

Scavenger hunts, board games, virtual playgrounds, and various educational apps can be great tools for learning and playing together. 

Plus, challenging your kids to learn and use new apps can be a great way for them to explore technology in a controlled environment.


By taking the time to turn everyday routines into interactive playtime activities, you can help your children gain new skills, learn essential life lessons and have fun at the same time. There are countless ways to make everyday activities into enjoyable playtime that can help facilitate family bonding and encourage creativity and imaginative thinking in kids.

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